Keith Davidson and 'the Mighty" have been racing together for a number of years now, and winning!

With an enviable record, including wins at the Puebloe Enduro and Trans Am, the Denver Grand Prix, Miller Motorsport Park and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the pair have earned respect from everyone both on and off the track who has witnessed them in competition.

  • 1st Place A-Sedan Thunder on the Arkansas RMVR - 2016

  • 1st Place A-Sedan HPR Enduro – RMVR 2014

  • 1st Place Vintage Automobile Division PPIHC - USAC 2011 (Record time)

  • 1st Place Vintage Automobile Class PPIHC - USAC 2010 (Record time)

  • 1st Place Vintage Automobile Division PPIHC - USAC 2009

  • 1st Place Vintage Automobile Class PPIHC - USAC 2008

  • 1st Place A-Sedan Hallet Motor Racing Circuit - CVAR 2007

  • 1st Place A-Sedan Lajunta Raceway - RMVR 2007

  • 1st Place A-Sedan Miller Motorsports Park - NVR 2006

  • 1st Place USRRC GTO PPIR – NVR 2005

  • 1st Place Pueblo Trans-Am Invitational - RMVR 2003

  • 1st Place A-Sedan Hallet Motor Racing Circuit - CVAR 2003

  • 1st Place A-Sedan Shell Grand Prix of Denver - RMVR 2002

  • 1st Place A-Sedan SCR Backwards - RMVR 2001

  • 1st Place A-Sedan Pueblo Enduro - RMVR 2000

1963 - 1/2 Ford Falcon Sprint,
F code stamped steel monocoque.

Prepared for racing by dipping and stripping, stitch seam welded, reinforced shock towers and torque boxes, relocated wheel housings, trimmed wheel openings. EPS 1.5 inch x 8 point chrome moly steel safety cage tied to export brace. Monte Carlo bar, Mustang cross member, full glass with operating windows and wipers per SCCA GCR.


Front: EPS modified Falcon A-arms installed with Shelby drop, 600 Lb coil springs, Maverick spindles a 1 inch sway bar, strut rods with poly bushings, Moog ball joints and Koni shocks.

Rear: EPS narrow leaf springs, pannard bar with Koni shocks and over-ride shock absorber traction control.


Goodyear Bluestreak 15 x 6.00 or Hoosier 8.5 x 27.7 bias ply on 15 x 7" or 15 x 8" American Racing Torque-Thrust D racing wheels.



Front: 1965 Ford Kelsey Hayes 4-piston calipers, Mustang rotors with EPS racing pads with 3 inch cooling from bumper to EPS backing plates, stainless steel brake lines and an F 150 master cylinder.


Rear: Ford 10 x 2.5 drums with EPS racing shoes the backing plates are drilled for cooling also fitted with stainless steel brake lines.


12 gallon FIA approved fuel cell, Shelby R-model seat, 5 point safety harness, full roll cage, hoop helmet pad, aeroquip fuel line, sealed crankcase vented cab



EPS vintage racing engine - 1965 Ford 289 block 0.050" over bore with girdle, Lunati 289 steel crank, 5.7" Crower rods, small pin custom pistons, 1965 Hi-Po milled heads, Chevy valves, Crane solid lifter "mid-range" cam, Crane valve train, Aviad oil pan. An EPS custom Holley 600 cfm carburetor  a custom Griffin radiator with oil cooler.



1963 Ford Galaxie 9 inch x 3 inch tubes shortened with camber, Detroit locker, Mark Williams axels with long studs - 4:11 and other gear sets.



Ford Toploader close ratio 4 speed with a Hurst competition plus shifter, Falcon tail shaft and custom cross brace mount.



Ram flywheel, clutch and pressure plate with reinforced factory bellhousing.